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Zika Virus Panel by NAA, Serum and Urine

Test Name
Zika Virus Panel by NAA, Serum and Urine
The Aptima® Zika virus assay is a transcription-mediated amplification test that detects Zika viral RNA. Unlike Zika IgM antibody testing, the Aptima Zika assay does not rely on the production of antibodies for a positive test result.
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Supplies for Submission
  • One of the following blood collection tubes:
    • Serum separator tubes (SST) for serum samples, which can be used in IgM testing as well
    • EDTA tube for plasma samples, used in NAA testing only
    • Sodium citrate tube for plasma samples, used in NAA testing only
  • Plastic transport tubes
  • Sterile urine cup
  • Aptima ® Urine Specimen Collection Kit (preferred, but optional)
Specimen Collection

Submit paired serum and urine specimens.

  1. Collect whole blood in serum separator tubes and allow blood to clot.
  2. Alternatively, collect blood in EDTA or sodium citrate tube. Mix the tube gently and immediately.
  3. Centrifuge within 48 hours of collection, preferably as soon as possible. (Uncentrifuged samples must be received at the laboratory within 48 hours.)
  4. Transfer a minimum of 3 mL serum into each of 2 plastic transport tubes.
  5. Label specimens as serum or plasma and with two patient identifiers.
  1. Collect urine in a sterile cup and submit a minimum of 3 mL in a labeled transport tube. OR preferably,
  2. Referring to manufacturer’s directions, use an Aptima® Urine Specimen Collection Kit and transfer 2 mL urine to an Aptima® urine specimen transport tube within 72 hours. Mix urine and transport media thoroughly. This is now known as the 'processed urine specimen.'
Storage Requirements
Store serum, plasma, and processed (Aptima®) urine specimens at refrigerator temperatures (2°C to 8°C) and similarly transport specimens within 7 days.
Specimens must be tested within 30 days from the date of sample collection.
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