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Urine for Cytology

Test Name
Urine for Cytology
Cytopathologic evaluation for the detection and characterization of malignant cells and some nonneoplastic renal diseases in symptomatic patients.
Test Code
Specimen Requirements
Collect 40 mL of fresh urine. Indicate source urine: voided, catheterized, or bladder washing.
Supplies for Submission
  • PreservCyt® Solution vial
  • Specimen collection cup with label attached
  • Specimen transport bag
Specimen Collection
  1. To ensure maximum cellularity of specimen, collect 40 mL urine in a routine manner into the specimen collection cup. Volume measurements can be found on the side of the cup.
  2. If urine exceeds 40 mL, pour off the excess.
  3. Carefully pour the entire contents (~20 mL) of the PreservCyt® Solution vial into the specimen cup containing urine.
  4. Tightly secure the blue cap on the specimen cup to prevent leakage.
  5. Place the sealed collection cup containing the urine/ PreservCyt® Solution, and the absorbent pad in the specimen transport bag. Tightly seal the bag. Place the bag into a box or bio bottle.
  6. Ship specimen via courier or overnight priority with PreservCyt® Solution between 4-30°C (39-86°F).
Storage Requirements
  • Store PreservCyt® Solution without urine at 15°C-30°C. Do not use beyond expiration date marked on the vial.
  • Keep PreservCyt® Solution vial and specimen collection cup closed until ready to use.
  • Store PreservCyt® Solution with urine specimen between 4°C and 30°C. Process sample within 48 hours.
Causes for Rejections
Turn Around Time
2-3 days
  • PreservCyt® Solution may not be substituted with any other solution for specimen collection, preparation, and processing.
  • Diagnosis can only be made by a trained medical professional.
  • Specimens in incorrect fixative (such as formalin) can only be processed as cell blocks.
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