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Bone Marrow Flow Cytometric Analysis

Test Name
Bone Marrow Flow Cytometric Analysis
Based on clinical information provided by the client and, in many cases, a morphologic evaluation of the specimen, a ProPath pathologist determines the specific flow cytometric panel to be performed.  This panel is composed of a combination of various antibodies for assessing specific cellular populations within the specimen. Various types of abnormal cell populations can be identified.  A ProPath pathologist interprets a summary of the immunophenotypic findings and their correlation with morphologic features.  If necessary, additional markers may be added to the original panel, at the discretion of the pathologist, to confirm and characterize any aberrant populations.
Test Code
Specimen Requirements
CAUTION: There are two types of green topped tubes; one contains sodium heparin, the other lithium heparin. LITHIUM HEPARIN WILL KILL CELLS and render the marrow specimen useless for cytogenetics. Please read the label of the green topped tube carefully before using. The bone marrow sample must be placed in sodium heparin.

CAUTION: If tests from a core specimen are desired, DO NOT PUT THE CORE IN FORMALIN before removing the portion to be used for these special tests. Formalin kills and fixes cells and renders the marrow cells useless for flow cytometric, cytogenetic, and molecular tests.

  1. Bone marrow aspirate (preferred)
    2-3 mL in sodium heparin (green topped) tube; two (2) tubes if both flow cytometric and cytogenetic studies are desired.
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  3. Blood
    5-10 mL in sodium heparin (green topped) tube; two (2) tubes if both flow cytometric and cytogenetic studies are desired; three (3) tubes if WBC <5000/uL.</div>
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  5. Fresh core biopsy
    If no aspirate is obtainable, a FRESH bone core specimen can be used for flow cytometry, cytogenetic, and molecular tests. If this is the case, place approximately 0.5 cm of core per test desired in RPMI cell culture media, available from ProPath on request. Call the hematopathologist (see contact information) as soon as possible to let ProPath know that a specimen is arriving in this fashion.
Supplies for Submission
A ProPath-provided Bone Marrow Transport Kit contains the following:
  • Two 20-mL containers with 10% neutral buffered formalin
  • One EDTA (lavender topped) tube for molecular diagnostics
  • Two sodium heparin (green topped) tube for cytogenetics and flow cytometry
  • Two 5-slide capacity plastic slide holders
  • One large specimen bag
  • One small specimen bag
  • One requisition form
Specimen Collection
Refer to instructions in Collection of Bone Marrow Specimens.
Storage Requirements
Turn Around Time
1-2 days
  • Please submit all specimens within 24 hours of collection for optimal results. Even if older than 24 hours, send them anyway; successful results have been obtained up to seven days after collection. Never discard a bone marrow specimen.
  • Send specimens Monday-Friday only.
CPT Code
For a complete list of CPT code(s), refer to the Hematopathology Test List.