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Comprehensive Evaluation of Blood

Test Name
Comprehensive Evaluation of Blood
Examination of peripheral blood smear is a powerful diagnostic tool. It provides rapid, reliable access to information about a variety of hematologic disorders. The smear offers a window into the functional status of the bone marrow. It is particularly important when assessing cytopenic and cytoproliferative states. Review of the smear is an important adjunct to other clinical data; in some cases, the peripheral smear alone is sufficient to establish a diagnosis.
Test Code
Specimen Requirements
Comprehensive Evaluation of Blood includes evaluation of blood morphology. If deemed necessary by the hematopathologist, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and/or molecular diagnostics will be employed to render a concise, complete diagnosis.

Label each with patient name and other unique numeric identifier (date of birth, social security number, requisition number, and medical record number).
Include CBC report and clinical history/note.
Liquid specimens requirement: 5-6 mL blood in two (2) sodium heparin (green topped) tubes AND 5-6 mL blood in one (1) EDTA (lavender topped) tube. If WBC is < 5000/uL, include three (3) sodium heparin (green topped) tubes instead of two.
Smears requirement: Two (2) bedside or EDTA (lavender topped) tubes.

Light green (lithium heparin) tubes are toxic to cells and should not be used.
Clotted or hemolyzed are suboptimal specimens and should be avoided.
Specimens should never be frozen. Freezing the specimen kills the blood cells; therefore, frozen samples cannot be used for cytogenetics, flow cytometry, or many molecular diagnostic tests.
Supplies for Submission
A ProPath-provided Bone Marrow Transport Kit contains the following:
  • Two 20-mL containers with 10% neutral buffered formalin
  • One EDTA (lavender topped) tube for molecular diagnostics
  • Two sodium heparin (green topped) tube for cytogenetics and flow cytometry
  • Two 5-slide capacity plastic slide holders
  • One large specimen bag
  • One small specimen bag
  • One requisition form
Specimen Collection
Refer to instructions in Collection of Bone Marrow Specimens.
Storage Requirements
Store specimens at room temperature (15 to 30°C) until transported. DO NOT freeze.
Turn Around Time
2-3 days
  • Please submit all specimens within 24 hours of collection for optimal results. Even if older than 24 hours, send them anyway; successful results have been obtained up to seven days after collection. Never discard a bone marrow specimen.
  • Send specimens Monday-Friday only.
CPT Code
For a complete list of CPT code(s), refer to the Hematopathology Test List.